Guido Talks #12 Cheating MPs, Meal Deals, and BBC Reform


In episode 12 of Guido Talks recorded yesterday (July 10), the team discusses some of our favourite stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed below…

* Pidcock Fined Thousands for Breaking Rules to Sway Election Result

* Three More MPs Fined for Breaking Election Rules

* ‘Budget’ Live

* Rishi Sunak is Being Sexually Objectified By Owen Jones

* Labour’s Three Day Wealth Tax U-Turn

* Flip Flop Again

* BBC Pushing Ahead with Extorting Licence Fee from Over 75s

* Bloated on the Telly Tax the BBC Blew their Biggest Opportunity for Independence and Growth

* ‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company

* Davey Pockets £5,000 from Huawei’s Chief Adviser

* Boris Taunts Captain Hindsight

* Ex-SpAd James Price Wins Oxford Union Presidential Election

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Season 1, Episode 1 · 3 months ago

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A review of the week for your lockdown weekend. Check out some of the stories we talk about here…

* Expert Activists

* Labour Candidate GP

* Kate Sheehan – CLP Vice Chair Nurse

* Labour Take No Action Against Sheehan

* Faiza Shaheen Fact Checked

* Four Way Twitter Melee

* Oxford Lecturer Doesn’t Want Oxford To Discover Vaccine

* Peston and Piers Suck Worse than Politicians

* Broadcast Journalists Emulating Infotainers

* Hacks think Hacks Failing at Briefings

* Media Confidence Meltdown

* Brits More Likely to Abide By Lockdown With Wind Down

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Guido Talks #2 BBC's Panorama Disaster and Electoral Commission Defeated

A review of the week for your lockdown weekend. Check out some of the stories we talk about here…

* Panorama’s PPE Investigation Was Party Political Broadcast

* Hancock Slams Panorama as Communist Union Organiser Boasts He Recruited Participants

* BBC Finally Admits Communist Union Organiser Assisted with Panorama

* Newsnight Switches to Unidentifiable ‘Experts’

* Professor John Ashton’s Furious Response to Viewers Being Told About Hard Left Views

* Banks Spanks Electoral Commission

* Tory Parliamentary Party Has Flipped from Remain to Leave

* Cummings Pushed SAGE for Earlier Lockdown

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Boris Johnson's 3-step plan to ease UK lockdown

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