Guido Talks | Corbyn Out, Fib Dems, and BBC's Activism


The latest episode of Guido Talks is available now both here as a video and on all good podcast platforms. In this week’s edition, recorded yesterday, the team discusses some of our favourite stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed here… 

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Season 1, Episode 1 · 6 months ago

Guido Talks #1 Expert Activists and Media Distrust

A review of the week for your lockdown weekend. Check out some of the stories we talk about here…

* Expert Activists

* Labour Candidate GP

* Kate Sheehan – CLP Vice Chair Nurse

* Labour Take No Action Against Sheehan

* Faiza Shaheen Fact Checked

* Four Way Twitter Melee

* Oxford Lecturer Doesn’t Want Oxford To Discover Vaccine

* Peston and Piers Suck Worse than Politicians

* Broadcast Journalists Emulating Infotainers

* Hacks think Hacks Failing at Briefings

* Media Confidence Meltdown

* Brits More Likely to Abide By Lockdown With Wind Down

Season 1, Episode 2 · 6 months ago

Guido Talks #2 BBC's Panorama Disaster and Electoral Commission Defeated

A review of the week for your lockdown weekend. Check out some of the stories we talk about here…

* Panorama’s PPE Investigation Was Party Political Broadcast

* Hancock Slams Panorama as Communist Union Organiser Boasts He Recruited Participants

* BBC Finally Admits Communist Union Organiser Assisted with Panorama

* Newsnight Switches to Unidentifiable ‘Experts’

* Professor John Ashton’s Furious Response to Viewers Being Told About Hard Left Views

* Banks Spanks Electoral Commission

* Tory Parliamentary Party Has Flipped from Remain to Leave

* Cummings Pushed SAGE for Earlier Lockdown

Season 1, Episode 4 · 6 months ago

Boris Johnson's 3-step plan to ease UK lockdown

Full recording from Downing Street