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Season 1, Episode 12 · 3 months ago

Guido Talks #11 Guido Victory Over Lobby, Freedom for Hong Kongers, and Local Lockdowns

In this week’s edition of Guido Talks, recorded yesterday (July 3), the team discusses our top stories from the last seven days. List of the stories discussed below…

* Guido Wins: Televised Lobby Briefings Coming

* Boris Confirms Citizenship Path for 3 Million BNOs in Hong Kong

* Government Set To U-Turn on Huawei 5G

* Sedwill Resigns, Frost Announced as Replacement as National Security Adviser

* Why Theresa May Was So Angry in the Commons Today

* Data Undemocratically Unleashed

* Government Warned About Leicester Boohoo Factory Slavery in January

* Leicester Mayor Rejects Lockdown, Again

* Enfield’s Labour Councillors Vote Themselves £7,608 Pay Rise

* Lansman’s Faction Defeated in Momentum Elections

* Barnard Castle MP’s Eye Test

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Season 1, Episode 13 · 3 months ago

Guido Talks #12 Cheating MPs, Meal Deals, and BBC Reform

In episode 12 of Guido Talks recorded yesterday (July 10), the team discusses some of our favourite stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed below…

* Pidcock Fined Thousands for Breaking Rules to Sway Election Result

* Three More MPs Fined for Breaking Election Rules

* ‘Budget’ Live

* Rishi Sunak is Being Sexually Objectified By Owen Jones

* Labour’s Three Day Wealth Tax U-Turn

* Flip Flop Again

* BBC Pushing Ahead with Extorting Licence Fee from Over 75s

* Bloated on the Telly Tax the BBC Blew their Biggest Opportunity for Independence and Growth

* ‘Eco-Davey’ Still Pocketing Thousands from Private Jet Company

* Davey Pockets £5,000 from Huawei’s Chief Adviser

* Boris Taunts Captain Hindsight

* Ex-SpAd James Price Wins Oxford Union Presidential Election

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Season 1, Episode 14 · 3 months ago

Guido Talks #13 | Media Meltdown, Masks, and Sausage

In this week’s edition, recorded yesterday (July 17), the team discusses some of our favourite stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed here…

* Lloyd Russell-Moyle Resigns, Read his Statement in Full

* Labour’s Shamima Silence Explained

* Nodding Dodds Agrees with Wealth Tax Proposals

* Guardian to Axe 180 Jobs

* Politics Live Saved, Andrew Neil Axed in Latest BBC Cuts

* BBC’s Corbynista Correspondent

* Julian Lewis Loses Tory Whip

* Government Confirms Russian Actors Behind Leaked Trade Documents in 2019 Election

* Rishi’s £170,000 Female Focused Sex Party Investment

* Political Activist Group Behind ‘Independent SAGE’

* Woke Government Quango No-Platforms Elected Mayor

* Do the Mask Hokey Cokey

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Season 1, Episode 15 · 2 months ago

Guido Talks #14 Free Speech, New New Labour, and Corona 'Experts'

In episode 14 of Guido Talks, recorded on Friday 24 July, the team discusses some of their favourite stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed here…

* Charity Boss Reinstated After Free Speech Union Intervenes

* Labour Supports Shamima Begum Returning, But Does Not ‘Welcome’ It

* Saint Tony Ordains Sir Keir

* Labour’s Scrutiny-Dodging Strategy

* Corbyn Responds to Labour Court Settlement: “The Decision to Settle these Claims in this Way is Disappointing”

* Corbyn Ducks Debate After Being Shafted by Starmer

* Rob Roberts

* NHS Slaps Down Layla’s Exaggerated Malnourishment Figures

* Layla’s Copy and Paste Cookie Crumbles

* Ed Davey Breaches Lib Dem Leadership Contest Rules

* Public Health England Chief on his “Postage Stamp” Public Health Credentials

* Britain’s Coronavirus Response is now Europe-Beating

* Satirising MPs Should Not Be Banned

* 53% of Voters Now See British Press as “Force For Bad”

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