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Season 1, Episode 8 · 4 months ago

Guido Talks #7 Protests, Media Mistakes, and the Jacob Rees-Mogg Conga

In episode #7 of Guido Talks the team behind discuss our top stories from the last 7 days. See a list of the stories discussed here…

* Hypocrite Gardiner Deletes Cummings Letter from Website

* Where’s Barry Gone?

* Piers Morgan’s Son Attends Mass Gathering

* Piers On Barry vs Piers on His Son

* Osborne Tells Protestors to Avoid Police Identification

* Lammy: You Can’t Condemn Cummings then Go on Public Protests

* What's Dom Got to do with it?

* “Cummings Goes or I Go” Doctor Not Gone

* “Cummings Goes or I Go” Doctor, Goes

* Speaking Truth to Editor

* Newsnight’s Fake News Graph Punishes Honesty

* Mid-Life Crisis Bob Used David Cameron as Date Bait for Young Conservative Activist

* Bob Roberts Apologises for Asking Young Female Staffer to Come to His Flat for “Fun Times”

* Watch the Jacob Rees-Mogg Conga

For readers who prefer watching go to for the video.

Season 1, Episode 9 · 4 months ago

Guido Talks #8 Culture Wars and Parliamentary Sores

In this episode of Guido Talks the team behind the Guido Fawkes website discuss our top political stories from the last seven days:

* Churchill Statue Boarded Up 

* Poole Fights Back Against Baden Powell Statue Removal 

* Tory MPs Revolt Over Boarding Up Churchill 

* Second Bristol Statue Attacked 

* Tom Calls Out Newly Woke ‘Penguin Piers’ Morgan on GMB 

* Piers Morgan Has Not Always Been An Ally of Black Lives Matter 

* Protesters Target Wrong Statue in Name Confusion 

* Left’s Offensive Statue Hypocrisy 

* Surely Guardian Must Fall 

* UK Has Been Coal Free For Two Months 

* Rob Roberts Reviews his Colleagues 

* UK and EU Formally Accept No Transition Extension 

* JK Rowling Trans Row

Season 1, Episode 10 · 4 months ago

Guido Talks #9 Media Partiality, MP Hypocrisy, and a BoJo Jet Paint Job

In episode 9 of Guido Talks recorded on Friday afternoon, the team discuss our top stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed here…

* SS Nazi Uniform Shame of Piers Morgan

* Campaign Against Antisemitism Demands Piers Answers Nazi Uniform Questions

* BBC Impartiality Adviser’s Ultra Partisan Anti-Boris, Anti-Brexit Tweets

* Sky Presenters’ Tweeting Wings Clipped

* MPs Legislate to Ban Protests

* NHS Switches to Apple-Google Model for Contact Tracing App

* Boss of NHSX Should Be Fired Over App Fiasco

* LibDem Leadership Teams Fling Insults

* Boris’ Shagadelic Makeover