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Season 1, Episode 5 · 5 months ago

Guido Talks #4 Digital Parliament Cock Ups, Starmer Drama, and Devolved Corona Disasters

A review of the week for your lockdown weekend. Check out some of the stories we talk about here…

* Harry Cole is the New Political Editor of The Sun

* Starmer Accuses Boris of Misleading Commons

* Remainers Attempt to Scupper Trade Deal With Dodgy Claims

* Rishi's First Ever Rebellion

* UK-EU Future Relationship Negotiations Hit Roadblock

* Pidcock’s Roadmap to Commons Return

* Welsh Government Allows Outdoor Picnics After Health Minister Pictured Picnicking Outdoors

* How the Four Nations Compare on Covid

Season 1, Episode 6 · 4 months ago

Guido Talks #5 Activist Labelled, Boulton Bust Up, Starmer Stumbles

The team behind Guido discuss the top stories from the last seven days. See a list of the stories discussed here...

* Sky News Gets There Eventually

* John Ashton Furious With Accurate Introduction

* Jolyon Maugham an Impartial Lawyer

* Gina Miller and Adam Boulton Deny Reality on Sky

* Starmer Stumbles at PMQs

* Sir Keirbot Gets Stuck at PMQs 

* Care Home Deaths Proportionally Lower in UK

* SNP Green Votes at 16 Hypocrisy

* Labour's Schools Flip Flop

* Labour's Brexit Flip Flop

* Gove Slams Labour's Brexit Flip Flops

* Sexy MPs

Season 1, Episode 7 · 4 months ago

Guido Talks #6 The Dominic Cummings Media Meltdown

The team behind Guido discuss our top stories from the last seven days. See the list of the stories discussed here…

* Cummings Stories Fact Checked

* Campbell Breaks Social Distance

* Campbell Shamed by Help For Heroes

* Starmer on Staff Sackings

* Bottomley Brings Beeb to Task

* IPSO Receives Multiple Complaints

* Impartial Civil Service

* BBC Apologise for Biased Monologue

* BBC Bias Analysed

* UK Statement on Hong Kong

* Shadow Cabinet Minister Says Boris is Unfairly Getting Blame for Coronavirus Failures